Soy Foods Can't Be Blamed For Lowering Sperm Count

For quite sometime there has been a buzz among the folks that soy foods can have an adverse impact on the sperm count and fertility of men. This has not only drawn the attention of innumerable researchers all over the world, but there are many studies that are being carried in this context. However, as of now, facts have been truly against the news. Most of those claim that soy foods don't hamper your fertility in any way.

There was a small scale and preliminary study published online in “Human Reproduction” by Dr. Jorge Chavarro, MD, ScD, ScM OF Harvard School Of Public Health. This particular study was made the base for all those headlines in the year 2008, which claimed that soy foods were responsible for lowering the sperm count in men. However, Dr. Chavarro made it very clear that there can't be made such clear inferences and that such news didn't reveal the whole story.

Other Factors Weren't Considered

It's no news that there are several factors that can have an impact on a male's sperm count. Dr. Chavarro clarified it well that in the study carried out they did not determine other factors like existing health conditions of the individuals, their normal food intake, medications, supplements, sexual activities, or any other environmental factors that can significantly affect it. Hence, even if there was any drop in the total sperm count of a few men, it can't be directly related to just intake of soy foods.

There Was No High Intake of Soy Foods

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In the study, the only men who were among the maximum consuming group of soy foods were reported with intakes as less as 3 ounces of beverage every day. Now, that entails even less than one 8 ounce glass of beverage every three days. Obviously, that can't be considered as a high intake of any of the foods in any circumstance. Hence, it makes it quite clear that there were hardly anyone who can be considered as a ‘good' consumer of those foods.

Small Study Population Wasn't Enough To Conclude Anything

One of the most significant points raised was that the study was carried out with only a small population of 100 men. Now, that is really not enough number to make a generalized conclusion. Besides, there also weren't considered the lifestyle of those people, their stress factors etc. Above all, those men who were reported with a comparatively lower sperm count were obese, and it's no news that obesity can have a great impact on one's sperm count.

The Increase In Semen Volume Led To A Lower Sperm Concentration

Above all, the most significant aspect that proved Soy foods were in no way responsible for infertility was yet another conclusion of the study. Dr. Chavarro made it very clear that all those men who were with comparatively higher intake of soy foods had higher semen volume. Most significantly, they have almost the same sperm count as men with low intake of soy foods.

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