They Say After Fertility Treatment You Might Have Autistic Or Low Iq Child

Science has always been doing miracles, and giving solutions to most of the issues faced by people. Indeed, cases of infertility in men have increased in the present scenario, and again technology today has furnished the solution to it too. All those couples, who aren't fortunate enough to conceive a child naturally, have alternative these days.

There is the ICSI or Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection technique, in which they directly inject a sperm into the egg, in case of men with low quality sperm or extremely poor sperm count. Besides, there are other effective ways to impregnate a lady, even when her man is not that fertile. Now, these of course can be counted as miracles. However, few experts have also tried to reveal the dark side of these miracles.

They say that the fertility treatment options carry with them at greater risk of low IQ in the new born child. It would be even more surprising for you to know that they also think there are chances of autism affecting twins or triplets that have been conceived using such procedures.

These Might Lead To Developmental Disorders

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Dr. Avi Reichenberg, Institute Of Psychiatry at King's College Of London, carried out a study on the impact of these fertility treatments. Surprisingly, he revealed that these treatment options that manage males' infertility have a major impact on their offspring. The children are likely to have an increased risk of few developmental disorders.

Even Intellectual Disability And Autism Are Possible

No, it's not exaggerating the possible effects, but rather it's revealing a genuine conclusion of a study. In the American Medical Association Journal, for the very first time, there was published something that compared IVF treatments and their effect as autism and intellectual disability in the offspring. This Swedish study concluded that there were increased risks of intellectual impairment in children by about 51 percent. That means all those children, who were conceived by directly injecting sperm cells into eggs had an IQ below 70.

No doubt, these studies are genuine and can give you a vague idea of the ill effects of fertility treatments. Yet, you don't need to jump into your own conclusions in these contexts, as there are many others researches too that are still being carried out for a clearer idea. Besides, experts like Carol Povey, Director National Autistic Society's Centre, have always revealed that autism is quite complex condition, and there are numerous genetic and physical underlying factors for the same.

A Small Piece of Advice

Above all, it has always been the best to deal with any issue through a natural way that is not only safe, but highly effective too. Hence, even in case of infertility or a lower fertility you may prefer the natural ways to deal with it.

Now, you might be wondering how you can treat the problem naturally. Well, the answer is quite simple, and you might have already heard about it, but never thought of giving it a try. It's through yoga, meditation, and a healthy eating habit, that's it.

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