You Can Protect And Enhance Your Sperm Count Easily

Cases of male infertility have been increasing day by day. Have you ever given it a thought as how the modern age has influenced males' fertility?

Well, the primary reason for the same is quite simple and obvious. Men's lifestyle has changed, be it in terms of their diet, habits, or in any other context. Needless to mention, most of these can adversely affect their fertility. Ironically, most men are even aware of it.

Yet, they hardly bother or try to avoid these. Ask those couples, who aren't able to conceive a child even after numerous attempts, and you will know the pains and regrets that you are likely to suffer in the future.

Hence, it's better to get a hold of it before it's too late. All you need to know is a little on the factors that have been influencing your fertility adversely. Hence, it isn't that difficult to protect and enhance your fertility.

Avoid Too Much Smoking, Substance Abuse, and Alcohol Consumption

It's not only the health experts who warn that smoking is harmful to one's fertility. Even the studies reveal that smokers have much lower sperm count than the non smokers. Hence, you need to give up your habit of smoking, at least for those few months in which you are trying to conceive a child.

Marijuana, cocaine, and alcohol consumption can be even more harmful to one's fertility. These can very effectively hinder the sperm production. Besides, these are also known for interfering with your sexual health. No wonder, most men who are addicted to these deal with embarrassing sexual issues like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculations etc.

Avoid Hot Tubs, Steam Baths Etc.

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To add to that even narrower seats on your bike or bicycle, can be dangerous to your fertility. Well, the only factor that makes these habits harmful for one's fertility is the extreme heat condition that one's scrotum is exposed to due to any of these.

Your scrotum houses the sperm, and that are very sensitive to quite high temperature. Obviously, there is a decline in one's sperm count whenever he is exposed to such situations for longer period of time. Even tight underpants can have the same impact down there, and so those also need to be in the list of things to be avoided.

Regular Exercising and Yoga Practicing

Although, there might not seem any direct relevance of these with the sperm production in your body, but indeed the impact is significant. It's just that one's body responds well to a regular exercising and yoga practicing. Needless to mention, there is a great enhancement in the production of sperm.

Besides, these healthy practices also keep you stress-free all day long, and that of course is a great thing for your sex life. There are enhancements in the blood supply all along your body, and these also ensure a proper hormonal balance.

Hence, with just a little concern you can easily protect and enhance your fertility. These are mere things of your daily lifestyle and routine isn't it?

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