Know The Various Factors That Can Impact Your Sperm Count

Not all men are blessed with the potentiality of producing natural and healthy sperms. Some of them have a body structure that is incapable of producing proper shaped and fertile sperms. This condition can be treated in some cases. However, a majority of men have the problem of sperm infertility due to inappropriate things they follow.

Improper eating habits will affect your health and reduces the sperm count and its fertility. Life today is quite demanding and fast moving. You have to take care of many things at the same time, and this in itself is quite a challenging task.

Effects Of Stress

Some of them suffer from depression, which can be treated through antidepressant treatments. Such medicines and treatment directly affects your sperm count and reduces its fertility percentage. The type of medicines you consume, food you eat, hot water shower, stress level, and other things can make you infertile.

Even a simple thing like hot water tub bath can affect your sperms. Men usually are expected to be very careful about all these things, and ensure that nothing is done to affect your sperm count. You might have researched a lot about sex toys and the fun and thrill related to its usage. However, what you might not be aware of is the fact that there are quite a few of them with phthalates, which is not at all good for your health. It can cause serious problems like cancer, birth defects, and the most serious one infertility.

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Infertility Has Become a Common Issue

Unlike a couple of years ago, the issue of infertility has become quite common these days. Despite the information that is available on the net, men end up committing some mistakes that affect their fertility. Poor diet and deficiency in vitamins and iron is one of the major factors that can always trigger this problem.

Quite a few chemicals like phthalates and Bisphenol –A can cause serious problem in men. They are found in may food containers, toys, and in some of the personal care products. Not many realize its effect, until it becomes too late for them.

Men are quite often exposed to the harmful chemical Bisphenol A (BPA), which is found in items like bottles, the lining of canned foods, and others. As per a recent study conducted on few men, it is noted that such chemicals seriously affect the sperm count in men.

The Other Reasons

It reduces the quality of your sperm, and in some cases makes them infertile. The report about the same was mentioned in the journal fertility and sterility. The study was published after conducting a survey on few men. In many of the cases, the highest levels of BPA caused various problems like reduction in the sperm concentration, its count, the sperm vitality, and its motility.

Such men were exposed to 3 times more risk of facing fertility issue, and it also included risk of low sperm count.

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