Male Fertility - Structural Problems Of Reproductive Organs

Infertility in men is caused due to many reasons, but the structural problem with the reproductive organs is the leading one. If your reproductive organs are damaged or injured due to any accident, it could hinder the healthier sperm production. It can also obstruct the sperm ejaculation, making you sterile. With today's advanced medical treatments, infertility caused by structural problems can be cured with the help of surgery. Here, we will focus on the types of structural problems of the male reproductive system in conventional perspective.

Blockage and Torsion

There can be insufficient amount of sperms in male semen due to any blockage in the tubes. This disorder is commonly known as obstructive azoospermia. Different factors are responsible for blocking sperm to leave your body during the ejaculation. If there is any damage in the abdominal or groin area, then it could lead to wreck tissues of reproductive organs. In addition, urinal tract infections could also lead to wrecking of reproductive organs, barricading the sperm and seminal fluid to leave your body.

Injury to the testicles causes it to twist away and stay protected in scrotum itself. It is generally cured by surgery. If it is not treated on time, it can cause dwindling of the testicles, lowering down the normal sperm production.


CAVD (congenital absence of vas deferens) is a rare condition in which the newborn baby will not have a vas deferens. Here, the testicles functions normally, but due to absence of vas deferens, the sperm cannot be ejaculated. Men with such kind of disorder usually have a very little sperm count. In this case, you should consult your doctor to get proper treatmen.

Retrograde ejaculation

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The retrograde ejaculation can be defined as a condition in which sperm or semen is pushed back into the bladder, rather than forwarding it to the vagina. Sometimes it is caused due to diabetes, intake of medicines like imipramine or pseudoephedrine or someone who had testicle cancer issues. In such cases, you will need to maintain a good sugar level in your blood. If it is due the medicines, you should consult your doctor immediately and get suitable treatment.

Undescended testicle

It is normally a birth defect. If one or both the testicles fail to descend down from the abdomen to scrotum at birth and if left untreated, you could have serious health problems. In some cases, the condition is self corrected in the first six months of the birth. If it is not treated naturally, a surgery may be required. Undescended testicle causes lower sperm production that affects the fertility even after successful surgery. Moreover, an undescended testicle heightens the risk of having testicular cancer.

Hypospadias and epispadias

Hypospadias and epispadias are congenital birth defects. In this condition, the opening of the penis can be either at upper side or underside of it, causing ejaculation failure. In such cases, a surgery is carried out to correct the openings.

Most the structural disorders are treated effectively. The Steroli-cell is the only condition that can't be treated efficiently. However, men with the Steroli-cell disorder can still become fathers with the help of IVF (in vitro fertilization) and ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection).

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