Lower Sperm Count – Reasons And Solutions To Improve Sperm Production

In the last few years, male fertility issues are on the rise. Studies have stated that it needs an extremely healthy environment for the production of good quality sperms. Different factors affect male sperm production and the solution for it can be found in your lifestyle itself. Unhealthy dietary issues, stressful life and addictions are some of the leading causes of low sperm count in men. In this article we will discuss about different causes of low sperm production and the ways to improve fertility in men.

Get Healthy Diet

The first and foremost thing that affect sperm production is the type of diet you follow. Your diet should be healthy enough. Stay away from highly processed foods, sugary foods, avoid beverages with high caffeine and etc. Having a healthy diet would not only improve the sperm count, but also improves your overall fitness. Your healthy diet should include foods having high zinc elements, vital fatty acids, amino acids and antioxidants are all meant to boost healthier sperm production. Drink enough water throughout the day. Daily exercise would also be great if combined with a healthy diet.

Control Stress

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A stressful lifestyle could mess with the production of sperms. Extreme stress levels could influence hormones and incinerate several nutrients that are essential for proper sperm creation. Try to control stress in your life. Sometimes you can simply take a walk around, so as to reduce stress and get everything under control. High stress is harmful for your fitness and it certainly has a diverse impact on sperm production.

Body Heat

Internal body heat plays an important role to lower down the amount of sperm than the natural level. A fever and almost anything that increases the body temperature affects the natural production of sperms. Get proper antibiotic treatment in time if you are suffering from your fever or any infection. A cool atmosphere is the best for good sperm production. Avoid using tight innerwear, and stay away from hot water bath over and over again.


Sperm production is deeply affected due to injury to the testicles. The blood circulation is diminished because of the damage to the testicles. The sperm producing cells will not get sufficient oxygen supply and thus the cells begin to die. If there is any serious injury to your testicles, you should immediately get proper treatment for it, so as to avoid any permanent loss.

Additionally, there are some other important things that you should look upon in your lifestyle. It's extremely important to get rid of any addiction to maintain healthier sperm production rate. Smoking, drinking alcohol, drugs can cause serious damage to men's fertility. There are several herbal treatments available, if you want to increase your sperm count. The best thing about herbal products is that they have least side effects and are very safe to use. Consult a doctor to get the best treatment for your problem. With some simple changes in your life, you can get amazing results.

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