How You Can Help Yourself to Increase Your Sperm Count

Plenty of researches have been conducted by medical experts on how to improve the quality of sperm. Most of these studies have concluded that our lifestyle plays a major role in producing good quality sperm.

Most of the researchers have agreed that people, who smoke cannabis regularly will certainly lose their fertility to a great extent. The same can be said about drinking excess of alcohol or wearing very tight underwear.

Many people in various parts of world are losing their sperm count for various reasons. However, scientists cannot pin point the exact reason for this decline in sperm count, as there are too many factors involved. Many people consider excessive smoking habit could be one potential reason for low sperm count. However, not everyone agrees to this assumption.

The results obtained by various medical experts again attribute the tight undergarment as one of the causes of low sperm count. Therefore, if you are suffering from low sperm count problem then it is better to consult your doctor instead of reading various articles on the web about this subject. There are many contradictory reports published by experts, which may confuse many readers, who are suffering from infertility.

Following are few suggestions for those, who want to get rid of their low sperm count problem.

Eat plenty of red food

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One latest report has been published by medical researches about the remedy for lower sperm count where they have suggested that by eating lycopene, you can improve mobility, quality and volume of your sperm dramatically. They have found that sperm count increases by almost 70 per cent with the consumption of lycopene. Lycopene is generally found in various red foods such as strawberries, cherries, tomatoes, peppers etc.

Avoid your laptop use habit

A latest research report has been published where it has mentioned that people can lose their fertility, if they use laptop with Wi-Fi connection for long duration. It greatly affects the sperm quality of men. It can damage your DNA too, if you remain exposed to Wi-Fi connection for pretty long hours.

Reduce your cycling habit

You must have heard that cycling is good for health, but it affects negatively when it comes to your sperm count. If you are cycling regularly then you must reduce your cycling habit in order to prevent damage to your sperm. Experiments carried out on 15 cyclists with an average age of 33 years and who cycled 300 km in a week reported fertility problem.

Keep yourself cool

Experimentally, it has been found out that if your body temperature is heated up then you may lose your sperm count. By avoiding hot bath, you can improve the sperm count to a great extent.

Drink moderate amount of coffee

Researchers have established that moderate coffee drinking will help improve your sperm count to certain extent, but you should avoid taking excessive amount of coffee in a day. You should not exceed 3 cups of coffee in a day.

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