How You Can Treat Low Sperm Count

Every couple must understand that if they are not able to have a baby even after one to two years of their normal sexual intercourse then chances are that the male partner could be infertile. It takes pretty long time to arrive at any conclusion regarding female reproductive system and therefore men should get themselves checked, so that they can starting the treatment earlier. In the USA, about 40 per cent of infertility cases are due to the problems found in men. The main reason for male infertility is low sperm count and therefore it is necessary to test their semen in the lab to detect the count.

There are many different reasons for this problem. Most of the medical experts consider that the individual's lifestyle is one of the main reasons for male infertility. Besides that, there are few other reasons can also be the cause for having lower sperm count.

To start with every doctor will suggest you to change your lifestyle in order to treat your male infertility problem. If the condition does not improve then they try to prescribe suitable medication to treat this problem.

It is essential that before starting any medical treatment for low sperm count doctors must establish the potential cause for having low sperm count.

Different causes of low sperm count

As mentioned earlier, low sperm count can happen due to number of reasons. Lifestyle is one of the main reasons that need to be checked. Following are few lifestyle reasons, which must be avoided in order to improve upon low sperm count problem.

  • Wearing tight underwear
  • Taking hot water bath
  • Continuously remain in sitting posture
  • Overweight
  • Smoking tobacco products
  • Drinking too much alcohol
  • Too much exercise
  • Frequent ejaculation
  • Emotional stress

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Besides that there are few medical reasons also that can cause low sperm count. Following are few of them

  • Zinc deficiency
  • Prostate gland infection
  • Use of steroids
  • Malformation of genital organs

Medical treatment starts after the actual cause of the problem is properly established.

How to treat low sperm count

If you have low sperm count, then you must try to make changes in your lifestyle, which include giving up smoking and drinking habit. You must eat foods that contain low amount of fat. The food should contain more amounts of vegetables, whole grains and protein. You must also avoid taking spicy and bitter food.

In addition to that, you must take care of your body and do light exercises regularly. You must make sure that your testicles do not get heated up by wearing tight underwear. You must also avoid hot baths.

You must also avoid stressful activities and try to take part in Yoga or other relaxation techniques. You can also do body massage to improve your blood circulation.

Also try to lose your weight as overweight can affect your testosterone, which may reduce your sperm count.

You can also take few natural supplements that can improve upon your sperm count. If these tips do not help you then you should consult a doctor.

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