Know Certain Facts About Masturbation

Myths About Masturbation

Not too long ago, people considered masturbation a forbidden sexual act. Plenty of myths surrounding masturbation exist in our society, however according to many medical experts it is considered to be an absolutely normal activity. According to them almost 62 per cent women and 92 per cent of men are regularly involved in this act. However, many people are still anxious, when it comes to this method of self-pleasure.

Following are few myths and facts regarding masturbation, which will help you to decide whether masturbation activity is the right act for you.

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  • According to Taoist belief, if a man spills his seed then there can be danger to mankind, as he will be left with limited amount of sperm. However, the fact is that a man can produce 50,000 sperm in a minute.
  • For pretty long period people believed that masturbation is an unhealthy habit, which can produce physical as well as mental ailments. People usually associated this act to various conditions such as blindness to backache, madness to hysteria, epilepsy to death. However, modern research has proved that masturbation in fact promotes health and vitality.
  • Some people believed that, if you were addicted to masturbation then your sexual arousal power would be reduced and there is every chance that you will become totally impotent. You might become blind, hair may grow on your palm, your growth will reduce, there will be acne on your face, you will lose your virginity etc. On the contrary, masturbation is very pleasurable and healthy activity and you will never turn insane.
  • Earlier people used to think that sex life would be totally ruined, if you get involved in the masturbation act. However, the fact is that your sex life will become more pleasurable, as you will be able to communicate with your partner more clearly. You can tell her when you are going to ejaculate. Masturbation will also help you to get rid off from your sexual inhibition and you can enjoy sex more confidently.
  • Unlike many drugs or medicine, which produces bad side effects, masturbation is absolutely a healthy habit and there are no side effects associated with it. On the contrary, the prostate health will improve in men and women can get rid of their menstrual problem. Your immune system will also improve with masturbation and it will help you to look youthful.
  • According to many sexologists, masturbation is absolute natural human activity and keeping yourself out from this act can be harmful to you. People who avoid masturbation often have destructive obsession and low self-esteem.
  • Many people associate masturbation activity only with teenagers. However, the fact is that plenty of adults are also involved in this activity and this is not harmful at all.

If you want to know more about many other benefits about masturbation then you can find plenty of useful articles written by many medical experts on the web. Read these informative articles to clear your doubts about this act.

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