Some Useful Information About Men's Sexual Health

Generally, a woman is held responsible, when she does not conceive even after normal sexual intercourse. Lots of time is thus wasted in testing the women in question and finally they suspect the infertility in the male partner. It is important to know that as far as conceiving a baby is concerned, the male partner is also equally responsible. Men should have good health and must be potent enough to impregnate his partner.

In this short article, we will discuss briefly about the sexual health of men in perspective of conceiving a baby. When a couple decides to expand their family then they also make certain changes in their lifestyle, so that they can accommodate the needs of each other. Therefore, it is necessary that they should incorporate healthy lifestyle, so that it becomes easy for the female partner to get pregnant.

They should be sexually compatible to each other and should enjoy their sex life too. It is also important to know the menstrual cycle pattern of the partner and do proper planning before starting their new family. They should also be aware about various birth control methods available in order to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

Men can also be infertile

Every man should be aware that like female, even males could also have infertility problem. They can also have different kinds of health problems that could obstruct them to father a child. There could be various reasons for this problem. Men can have following health problem that can prevent them from becoming a father:

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  • Prostate problems
  • Testicular problems
  • Decreased sperm volume or count
  • Sperm motility problem

Few guidelines to help men to improve their sexual health

Following are few things that can make men infertile and therefore they should know about this if they want to have their baby.

  1. If you take lots of caffeine in your diet then you may end up having lower sperm count. Therefore, you must avoid consuming such product that contains excessive amount of caffeine.
  2. Drug and alcohol has very harmful effect on male fertility. It will damage the quality of your sperm, if consumed in excess. Other than damaging your sperm, it can also have bad effect on your liver too. Therefore, you must avoid consuming alcohol and drugs.
  3. You must try to maintain your body temperature normal and particularly your genitals must be maintained at lower temperature. Heat can destroy the sperm present in your testicles.
  4. Your diet must contain sufficient amount of zinc and soy product. These two constituents are extremely useful in maintaining your normal sexual health.
  5. You must avoid taking unnecessary drugs or tranquilizers to relax yourself. This can result in severe reduction in sperm count.
  6. Take plenty of multivitamins and their supplements. Your diet must contain plenty of vitamins and antioxidants.
  7. You must also avail the services provided by various spas, as it can help to improve the relaxation of your mind and body.

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