Change Your Food To Reduce The Smell Of Your Semen

Your semen taste completely depends upon the type of food and drink you have on a regular basis. It is common for both men and women. Whenever you eat onion and garlic, it smells foul. Normally, the smell of such food escapes from your skin, which might get you into an embarrassing situation. The same happens with the smell of your semen, when you eat something that produces strong odor.

Though there is no strong evidence that proves this fact, however you try changing the food you eat on a daily basis. The chemical content of your food is no good for your health and can produce strong odor, which your partner might not like. It is recommended to have something that is sweet and natural food, which will minimize the unwanted smell.

While there isn't any scientific proof to back these suggestions, there are common sense and anecdotal reports. Altering your intake of chemicals and diet into your body might have a positive effect on the outputs, which also includes your semen. Most supplements or techniques to change the taste of semen mean to augment the quantity of sugars present in it.

With less smell, your partner will have great fun pampering you down there. Women usually don't prefer to swallow your cum, as it tastes and smell weird. It is quite disappointing for men, who love such an act. Instead of trying any medicines, spend time to research the type of food you eat and the consequence of the same on your body.

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Not many men are bothered about the foul smell, and many are not aware of this fact. Your partner might not be comfortable in letting you know this fact, as she doesn't want to hurt you. Instead she will try to avoid performing such an act. If the smell is too weird, then she might not prefer to give you a blowjob.

There are many benefits associated with adopting healthy food. It will help you in leading an active life. You can change the eating habit that will include lots of vegetables and fresh fruits.

A list of foods that should be included in your daily diet is as follows –

  • Grapes – This fresh and tasty fruit has many benefits, when you have it on a regular basis. You can include them in your breakfast, snacks, or others. This fruit will take off the bitterness of cum, and makes it smell mild.
  • Watermelon – Nothing can substitute the taste and importance of this fruit during summer. This yummy fruit has helped many men to reduce the foul smell of their semen, thus enhancing their sexual life.
  • Juicy Plums – It is known to be one of the best fruits that have many benefits. The ingredients present in the fruit are good enough to reduce the smell of your weird semen.
  • Healthy Mangoes – if you have been trying a perfect alternative to reduce the strong semen odor, then mango is the best option.

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