Don't Let Blood In The Semen Affect Your Sexual Life

You are charged up for enjoying a great night and things seems to be fine, until you ejaculate and notice blood in the semen. It is a matter to be concerned about, especially if it happens too frequently. In medical terms it is called as Hematospermia, which is mainly caused due to infections, tumor, stones, inflammation, anatomical abnormalities, and others in your genitourinary system.

In some cases, the issue gets resolved by itself, and doesn't need any medical assistance. Quite a few men fail to notice such an incidence, and thus pay no heeds to it at all. In many cases, it is caused due to Prostate biopsy, and is curable. If you are suffering from such incidence, then it is recommended not to ignore its treatment or prolong your visit to the doctor.

The treatment is recommended based on the underlying reasons, which is closely examined by the doctors. In some cases, it is visible through bare eyes, and in others it can be detected under microscope. It is also known as blood in ejaculation and semen- bloody.

Where does it impact you?

It impacts some of the human areas like urethra, testicles, seminal vesicles, and the prostate gland. More than 80 percent of men, who have undergone the treatment for biopsy, have reported to suffer from this medical disorder. They see blood in their semen for at least 3-4 weeks and need proper treatment to cure it. Similarly, vasectomy can also cause this problem.

Sometimes it is caused due to benign and malignant disorders that are quite prominent in men. In quite a few rare cases, there are no absolute reasons for such a cause.

In such a case, men usually complain about –

  • Severe infections like Chlamydia, trichomoniasis, herpes, and cytomegalovirus
  • It causes inflammation in areas like epididymis and urethra
  • Calculi formation, which is quite similar to kidney stone inside the vesicles and prostrate
  • The formation of Metastatic cancer that is located in the genitourinary system
  • Abnormalities in cysts and hemorrhage

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Such patients usually complain of the following things –

  • Constant pain while urinating
  • Immense pain during ejaculation
  • Constant discomfort, whenever you make a bowel movement
  • Scrotum swelling
  • Frequent back pain
  • Fever and chills, for no reason

Some of the Major Causes:

There are several reasons that cause such a problem like –

  • Blockage and injury to the male reproductive system
  • Infection
  • Inflammation

The doctors might recommend a few steps to determine the severity of the issue, which includes blood tests, urinalysis, semen analysis, and in few cases ultrasound of the seminal vesicles. If the report from one test is not clear, then it leads to the other one. The whole intention is to find the exact reason for such an issue.


Fortunately, there are many treatments that can cure this medical disorder. If the injury is minor then you can treat through proper rest. In addition to that you can also apply ice to subdue the pain. It is recommended to monitor the symptoms, as a major one would need surgery and other advanced treatment.

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