Consult Your Doctor For Checking Your Sperm Count

Men usually talk about indulging into safe sex and try to gain as much information, as possible. They talk about things that cause infertility and follow proper methods to boost their fertility rate. It is quite easy to gain more information about female infertility, but men seem ignore the facts that might impact them.

If your partner is not able to conceive, despite of the fact that you both tried it many times, is a serious problem. It is not essentially her mistake, if she is not able to conceive. A lower sperm count can cause such a problem. Many men deny accepting the fact that such things can happen due to their incapability.

Find out whose mistakes is it

Bareness or infertility can happen due to various reasons some of them can be controlled while others are hereditary. Usually unprotected sex for more than year is good enough to conceive her. For some men, such a task is an impossible, as they can never do it. Instead of blaming your partner for such incapability, it is recommended that you try to find the reason for such an issue.

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Running away from the problem, is not a resolution to the issue at all. The first thing that needs to be done in such a situation is contacting your doctor. It is quite necessary to find the reason, which is possible through some test. Some men find it quite difficult to digest the fact that the mistake is with them. You can never resolve the issue, by running away from it.

The issue might not be so sever, as might seem to be like to you. Until some years ago, men didn't have many options when it comes to treating the infertility issue. You might not want to ignore the issue, as it will only complicate the issue further. Your doctor might recommend you a series of test that will help you in overcoming the issue, soon.

Sperm Count Test:

You might have to go through the sperm count test, which will determine their quality and quantity. A single unit of semen will consist of 20 to 150 million of sperm that is considered to be normal. If your count is less than the determined number then it can cause fertility issue. Your doctor will help you to find the exact reason, which causes this issue. Sometimes antibodies might obstruct the development of healthy sperm count.

Such an issue can be easily treated through proper medical treatment. Instead of dwelling in such an issue, be smart and get yourself from a doctor. Physical test is also recommended to find the reason the cause of such an issue. Based on the report, your medical disorder can be treated well.

Testosterone or hormonal test that will help you in finding the reason for such issue and get it treated properly. Through these test your doctors might recommend the best treatment and boost your sperm count, in case they are low. Quite a few treatments can be time consuming to treat, while others are easy to heal.

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