Breaking Through The Myths Of Infertility

The sensitive issue of infertility always has different point of views. Not many have the complete knowledge about this topic, and thus assume anything and everything, which is incorrect. Unless they counter such a problem, no one ever bothers to learn more about infertility and how it can be treated. Some believe the myths to be the fact and dwell in them. For some suffering from infertility is an indication that they sexual life has come to an end.

Relating Infertility to Women

We take pride in saying that our society has reformed and the younger generation have started treating women with equality in the society. This is true in a majority of cases, but when it comes to infertility, the baton of doubt is first passed on to the woman. Infertility can affect men and women, both.

It is always better to seek the help of your doctor and they will diagnose the issue and help you to resolve it soon. Few tests and diagnosis can help to find out the root cause of the problem. Men suffering from infertility issues can discuss the topic with their partner, though it might be a difficult task for them.

When it comes to relationships, the basic ingredient to make it work is a tablespoon of love, trust, and care every day. You will be surprised by the wonders it can do on your partners. Taking the right medications and following the doctor's advice can take you on the path of recovery in no time.

Some Myths on Infertility Exposed

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Let us now look into some of the common myths related to infertility that makes the issue worst. The common myths are about the penis size. It is believed that a correct size has better chances to conceive their partner, which is not correct always.

The fact is that size has no correlation, whatsoever with the infertility. A small penis might be able to produce a high sperm count, as compared to a larger sized.

The second myth might revolve around having sex regularly. If you and your partner are trying to conceive, the best way to achieve this is to have sex when the woman is ovulating.

Many people believe that vasectomy problem can impact their fertility rate. Medical science is a boon for such men and there are many institutions that specialise in vasectomy reversals that will make you more fertile in future.

Effect of Age on Fertility

You might have heard many women using the phrase that “my biological clock is ticking away”. In simple words, she means to say that her chance at starting a family is slowing ebbing away with age. This same rule applies to men as well.

With growing age the sperm production gradually reduces. With lower sperm count, the chances of impregnating your partner are reduced. In such a situation couples might have to try even harder to get pregnant and in some cases, they might even opt of IVF treatments.

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