Difference Between Male Ejaculation And Orgasm

Sexual intercourse is an intimate act, between couples where the pleasures are derived by both the parties. Many people often assume ejaculations as orgasms, which is wrong. In this article we will discuss on the difference between orgasm and male ejaculation and the ejaculation types.

What is Male Ejaculation

It is a term used for men when their ejaculate semen from the penis. It is not necessary that men need to achieve orgasm to ejaculate. Male ejaculation generally involves the movement of the pelvis muscles to release the semen.

Men might experience different types of ejaculation depending on various factors such as health, age, medical history, and many more. The most common types experienced by men are the retrograde ejaculation. In this condition, the semen is generally ejaculated through the urinary bladder rather than the urethra. This happens when the sphincter in the bladder does not function properly.

Another common type of ejaculation is the premature and the delayed ejaculation. As the name suggests, premature ejaculation happens when men are unable to control their erections for a long time and climax before their partners do. Delayed ejaculation on the other hand is a condition, where men are unable to ejaculate despite being sexually aroused. This can be quite painful and can even leave men frustrated.

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How Does Female Ejaculation Work

Female too ejaculate, but not in the same way as men. Female ejaculation is also referred to as squirting. Here women spurt out liquid from their vagina when they are highly aroused. Not all women are capable to ejaculate. It might require lots of hard work and effort for men to excite their partners to the extent of squirting. By that time, you might have already reached your patience to hold your orgasm.

Female ejaculation occurs by stimulating the G-spot. This is a spongy area that can be within the vaginal wall. You need to continuously stimulate the G-spot so that it becomes hard and swollen. When sufficient amount of blood gets rushed into this area it leads to ejaculation in females.

Different Between Ejaculation and Orgasm

Ejaculation and orgasm are completely different. Ejaculation only involves movement of the pelvic muscles, whereas orgasm requires involvement of the mind and body. When you experience orgasm, it leaves you feeling sated and satisfied.

Secondly, you generally have control over your ejaculations. Depending on your strength and stamina, you can easily wait for your partner to reach her climax before you give in to your desires. On the other hand, you cannot control your orgasms. It begins with muscular contractions that also help to release the tensions inside the body.

Similarly one can experience multiple orgasms without ejaculations. This is a situation which is often found amongst teenagers. This might even vary from person to person. There are a lot of ways in which you can reach orgasms. Oral sex or use of sex toys can help to achieve mind blowing orgasms and at the same time make sex a pleasurable activity.

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