A Comprehensive Performer5 Review

Many men work hard during sex, hoping for that perfect climax that will satisfy both themselves and their sexual partner. The thing that makes the male orgasm super spectacular is a large volume of semen, something men work for but can’t always achieve. Instead of a super libido and an amazing orgasm, they feel inadequate in the bedroom, with soft erections and little semen production during the orgasm. An all-natural product such as Performer 5 can bring about a better orgasm, better libido and great erections.

Not every man is blessed with the penis and orgasms commonly seen on the porn movies. They often wonder why the man in the porn movie has such a large volume of ejaculate and why the orgasms seem so super-charged. Rather than do anything about it, many men just accept their fate as less than adequate partners in the bedroom.

If this is you, not only aren’t you alone but there are products out there that can enhance all aspects of the sex act, from the hard, thick erection to the amazing stamina you’d have to having a large volume of semen when you ejaculate. You see, these are the things a prospective sexual mate is looking for in a sexual partner. She wants you to be ready whenever she is and she wants a thick, hard erection that will stimulate her sexual areas to a maximal degree. She wants to see lots of ejaculate material—a sign that the orgasm was powerful and sustained.

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Unfortunately, few men have all of these criteria already in their skill set. They have erections that don’t completely fill the penis or they have a low libido so the woman knows that the man’s heart is not really in the sex act. Both the man and the woman need a boost in the bedroom—something that will turn things around so that their sex life can be maximized.

The good news is that there is an all-natural product out there that can improve libido, enhance erections and give huge volumes of ejaculate material so the sex act can be wonderful and seemingly miraculous. It’s called Performer 5 and it’s an all-natural supplement made from the finest botanicals and nutraceuticals that have stood the test of science and does not contain artificial fillers?

What’s in Performer 5 that is so helpful to your sex life? It contains L-arginine, an important amino acid for sexual health, along with Muira Palma, ellagic acid from pomegranates, DL malic acid, Dong quai and other helpful herbs found through traditional Chinese medicine and some Western medical research studies to enhance the product’s ability to enhance your sex life. The product can also prevent zinc deficiency—something known to be a problem that leads to low semen volume. Zinc supplementation also leads to an increase in testosterone, which is the male hormone responsible for an excellent libido.

The supplement is taken every day like a vitamin and, before too long, you’ll begin to feel more sexually alive, with better erections and much better orgasms. Your sexual partner will be delighted at the volume of your ejaculate and the entire sex act will be improved.

As per our independent research, customers experienced the following benefits: 

  • Enhanced production of semen volume 
  • Rock hard and longer lasting erections 
  • Testosterone level improves tremendously 
  • More frequent and tempting thoughts about sex 
  • Increase sexual desire and make it better than ever before 

We have got mostly positive feedback about this product. Users have reported enhanced semen volume and increased chances of multiple orgasms. Conclusively, Semenax has received amazing reviews. This product is a great pick for improving semen load as well.

Performer 5 is backed by centuries of use in traditional Chinese medicine as well as numerous medical research articles. In reality, you can have all the testimonials in the world but if the product isn’t backed by science, its usefulness isn’t proven. The product formulation in Performer 5 is backed by research from laboratories and clinical settings from all over the world.

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The benefits of Performer 5 are many as it acts on several different parts of male sexual performance. The makers of this product say that Performer 5 offers the man more powerful loads during orgasm, up to five times more semen production during each ejaculation. The orgasms are more intense for both partners and sperm mobility is enhanced by 250 percent after just two weeks of use. The male erection is harder and thicker because of an increase in nitric oxide, which dilates the blood flow, allowing for more blood to flow into the penis during an erection. It even improves blood flow to other areas of the body so it acts like a general health tonic, improving the function of the entire body. Some of the ingredients have been shown to increase testosterone so libido is enhanced and you’ll want to have sex more often.

The pros of taking Performer 5 include that it doesn’t take any extra effort on your part other than to take the supplement. The ingredients in the supplement are tried and true for male sexual enhancement. The product is all natural so that you can be sure they are safe and free of unnecessary fillers. It’s affordable so it won’t make a big dent in your pocketbook as you take it.

The only real con is that it isn’t available at your local drug store or pharmacy. It is instead available over the internet through the manufacturer’s website using just your credit card. Just two pills a day are necessary for overall sexual health.

There are different offers for Performer 5, depending how much you buy. One month’s supply of Performer 5 costs only $62.95 and offers free shipping. With your purchase directly from the manufacturer, you get a bottle of Vit5, a specially made nutrient formula for better overall male health so you can improve more than just your sex life. Free shipping is available on all packages and you get a free “Ejaculation Control” DVD when you order more than two months at a time. A free box of MaleExtra pills comes with an order of 3 months or more. A Seductive Massage DVD and a Real Sex for Real People DVD are free with a four month order and access to the LoveCentria.com website comes with a five month or more order. If you order a full year at once, you get all of the above bonuses plus a free box of Performer5 along with your order.

The company is so satisfied with its product and knows you will be satisfied, too, that it offers a money back guarantee of 180 days. They recommend that you try the product for a full five months to see the maximum amount of benefit and you get your money back if you return the unused product within 180 days.

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