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Have you ever wanted to shoot out a load of cum just like the porn stars and yet you find your own load just dribbling feebly out? Do you want longer and more intense orgasms than ever before? Is your sex life important to you so that you want to try something that has scientifically been proven to enhance performance in the male, improve the intensity of the male orgasm and more than double the amount of cum produced per orgasm? If you have been struggling with these issues regarding your own sex life, you can stop worrying. SemenRx is a completely balanced, all natural product that can improve your experience in the bedroom.

Men who have an interest in improving their orgasms and enhancing the volume of their cum often come to believe that to have such gifts means it has to be in your genetic makeup. Well, it doesn’t. There are all natural ingredients formulated in such a way as to give you an increased libido, harder erections and more explosive orgasms or even multiple orgasms during a single sex act.

Too many men struggle with their virility and feel that the long ropey streams of cum that they see when watching porn films are beyond their reach. They are not very content with the volume of their ejaculate and that directly affects the strength of their orgasm. The fact that they usually get just one orgasm feels wrong, especially since women can have multiple orgasms and usually want more before the man is physically capable of going at it again. They long for a product that can give them intense orgasms, a longer orgasm, more cum and a decreased refractory period in which the man must wait before he can get an erection.

SemenRx is an all-natural herbal product that has ingredients tested by modern science which can improve all the various aspects of the male sexual experience. SemenRx contains ingredients that have been used for many centuries in traditional Chinese medicine and are known to create a hormonal environment that brings about the best qualities of the male experience in bed.

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SemenRx has allows for an increase in the amount of semen, more than doubling the volume of semen in most cases. The ejaculate contains more sperm and the contractions that make up the male orgasm are more intense and long lasting. The orgasm is simply better when you take SemenRx. You can impress your sexual partner with your newly found abilities to shoot out semen during an orgasm and you can have multiple orgasms, just like women do. If you’re looking for an enhancement in male fertility, this is the product for you. You will have a great deal more sexual energy with a stronger libido and desire for sex. Your better performance is directly related to your confidence in the bedroom; SemenRx can offer you all these enhancements in your sex life just by taking two pills of the specially formulated remedy for the enhancement of male sexual health.

SemenRx contains ingredients that work on all parts of the male sex cycle. For example, it contains Panax Ginseng, Mucurana Puriens, which enhances male libido and increases the sperm count, and Tongkat Ali, used in traditional Chinese medicine to increase sperm volume and to help manage erectile dysfunction. There are amino acids, including L arginine, which are known to enhance the effectiveness of the male reproductive system.

We did some research and discovered that users were benefitted in the following ways: 

  • They noticed improvement in semen production 
  • Stronger and harder erections 
  • Enhanced level of testosterone 
  • Sexual thoughts are now more frequent as well as more exciting 
  • Increased sexual desire which is way better than before 

When probed about the effectiveness of the product, users reported slim improvement in semen volume as well as sexual stamina. Also, no doctors have promoted this product so far. Customer service can also be better. One should better stick with the top 2 male enhancers on our list. 

The makers of SemenRx have done their homework and provide some of most comprehensive articles on their website explaining the effectiveness of their formulation. Articles such as the ones listed on their site speak volumes as to the effectiveness of SemenRx. Backing by Chinese medicine and modern Western medicine makes this a trustworthy product that has been used by millions of men all over the world.

The benefits of taking SemenRx are many. You simply take two capsules a day like you would a vitamin and you can begin experience increases in orgasm intensity and semen volume after using the product for just a few weeks. The product is extremely affordable and is within just about any man’s budget. It is a product that affects the man’s entire sexual experience—from having an increase in desire for sex, to having better erections, to having explosive orgasms with lots of cum. 

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Unlike other products that claim to give you a more intense orgasm but don’t have scientific explanations for why they do or do not work, the makers of SemenRx are not afraid to describe their ingredients completely, so that you can actually see how they back up their claims. This is unprecedented in the world of male sexual climax enhancers.

he pros of taking SemenRx are many. It involves no prescription, no dangerous surgery and only pure, natural ingredients shown to enhance male sexual performance. Your orgasm intensity can more than double and the sperm quality and quantity is greatly enhanced. It has the backing of traditional Chinese medicine as well as thousands of men who have used the product. Both you and your sexual partner will notice the difference after just a few weeks’ of use so that you’ll never want to go a day in your life without taking this wonderful supplement.

About the only con of taking SemenRx is that you can’t simply go out to your drug store and purchase it. Instead you can buy it securely on the internet and, within a few days, your product will arrive in completely discreet packaging. The makers of SemenRx steer completely clear of auto-shipping so you only get the SemenRx you have ordered and paid for.

You can buy sixty pills of the product for an ultralow price of $29.99. There are also package deals that allow you to purchase more of the product at a discount. The best deal ever is ordering four bottles at a time. It’s then that you’ll get free shipping and a bottle of male enhancement cream. As mentioned, there is no auto shipping so you only get what you pay for.

The company is so sure you’ll like SemenRx that they give you a thirty day money back guarantee. Simply return your unused bottles for a full refund of your money less the cost of shipping the product to and from your home. This is plenty of time to know for sure that the product will work for you.

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